Welcome to TigerFire Studios!

Tigerfire.net has been the website for numerous creative endevours over the years. Check out our current projects:

Metalstorm Arms
MetalStorm Arms is a family-run costume and prop building workshop. Our focus is broad, working with many materials over many genres to bring our various fandoms to life so that we can cosplay at events both near and far. Oh, and we also do some NERF mods!

Or maybe you recall some of our past projects:

TigerFire Servers The Gryffon's Brush
TigerFire Servers became a thing in 1995 when I started designing websites, not only for myself but for friends and organizations. Eventually this evolved into for-hire contract work. I am no longer taking contracts because I do this work professionally for a large organization. The Gryffon's Brush included hand-made leatherwork and woodwork, mostly custom-built medieval-inspired furniture. Though I am no longer taking comissions for this type of work, the designs and instructions for some of my most popular items are available for sale.
TigerFire Studios Laughing Dragon Brews
TigerFire Studios was, at one time, the name stuck to my custom miniature painting and gaming terrain building enterprise. Though I had several clients, interest dropped during a low ebb in the local wargaming community and I moved on to other pursuits. Laughing Dragon Brews was where I shared a plethora of homebrewing resources and my own brewing projects and experiences. I took this site down during a lull in my own production, when maintaining the website was more effort than brewing tasty concoctions, and the material grew out of date.

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