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Sabito - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Sabito. Official charatcer art. Me as Sabito

Sabito. Official charatcer art.

Me as Sabito. KatsuCon 2023.

The main parts of this costume, as well as the bokken, were purchased. Costume (samue, haori, obi and hakima with wraps) is by miccostumes. The wig was also purchased and required some styling.


I patterned this mask myself using the "duct tape method" and constructed with both 2mm and 4mm EVA foam, so that I could create some depth where pieces come together (around the eyes and nose). After heat-sealing, Plastidipping, and painting, nylon mesh was glued in over the eye holes and the rope ties were added.

Materials: EVA foam, cotton rope, nylon mesh, Plastidip, acrylic paints.

Pattern Mask - assembled and painted. Mask - complete.


Mask - assembled and painted

Mask - complete.