I have called myself a gamer for my entire life. Inspired by everything around me, I started designing board games around the age of eight - they weren't great and some lacked much replay value, but it was a start. At eleven I was introduced to Dungeons & Dragons and that changed everything... Board games, card games, miniature games, role-playing games - I've done all of these things at various times (often overlapping) throughout my many years.

Besides those early board games, I have designed and written both a tabletop minatures combat game and a role-playing game, though neither have seen publication (yet!). I have also written an extensive RPG setting that is d20-compatible (which may be published soon!)

As a miniatures gamer and role-player, I've also painted a lot of minis and built a lot of terrain/scenery in my day. I've even done some pieces on commission and for sale! Some of these are included in the galleries below.