As I stepped away from doing historical recreation in 2012 I briefly started looking into steampunk and other prop and armour building. The idea of "MetalStorm Arms" was conceived, a small business making and selling a variety of props and other accessories. Unfortunately, life got in the way and many ideas (and a couple of initial projects) were shelved. A few years later my oldest progeny became interested in cosplay, so we dusted off the logo and we all dove in!

A few years into that, we rebranded our social media as "Roll for Geekiness" to more widely encompass our various hobbies (not just cosplay), but kept the studio's name as MSA. Recently, we have discontinued that use in favour of something less "militant sounding" and have fallen back to the tried-and-true "TigerFire Studios" brand.

Check out my galleries and project details below! Also, follow our assorted social media to keep up with what we're working on!