I began building websites in 1995 and soon established the TigerFire 'brand'. These early websites were mostly for myself and for friends, but also included numerous college organizations that I was a part of including: the Multicultural Living and Learning Unit (McLLU) at Cornell University, United Pagan Ministries (a part of Cornell United Religious Works), the Cornell Strategic Simulations Society, the Material Research Society at Cornell University, and the Science Fiction Society.

In 1998 I began working at MJM Internet. While this gave me experience working on larger projects to more demanding client expectations, it also gave me the opportunity to learn PERL and eventually ColdFusion - opening my mind to the potential available in 'dynamic websites'.

Fresh out of college in 2000 I worked for Bear River Associates, a forward-thinking company that was already pushing the limits of mobile technology in developing software for PalmOS, Blackberries and other tablet-style devices of the time, as well as web-based software that was platform agnostic. The later is work that I have continued to do for multiple employers since.

While I was a stay-at-home dad for my oldest child I did contract work for a number of local non-profits including the Ithaca Health Alliance and Sustainable Tompkins.

Today I am a software developer for the statewide Cooperative Extension system. I still develop web-based platform-agnostic programs that can be used by our educators, researchers, and other administrative staff no matter where they are throughout the state of New York. Because of this I am not typically available for contract work, but if you have a unique need that you feel I might be able to meet drop me a line.