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Suneater/ Amajiki Tamaki - My Hero Academia


Suneater costume. Me as Suneater.

Suneater costume. My Hero Academia official artwork.

Me as Suneater. KatsuCon 2023.

The black compression shirt, black stirrup leggings and climbing shoes (because in many places I can't walk around barefoot) were purchased. I also purchased a UA gym uniform that I sometimes wear as a casual version of this character (made by RoleCosplay).

I sewed the white hooded cloak from cotton/poly following a Simplicity pattern (8721). The pattern on the hood was painted on with yellow fabric paint. I also sewed the white skirt from the same material following another Simplicty pattern (8299D).

The wig was purchased and required minor styling, as were the prosthetic ears (by Aradani) and finger tentacles.

Notable Materials: cotton/poly, fabric paints.
Notable Tools: Sewing machine.


Taking a close look at Amajiki's body armour, I realized that this very closely resembles a MOLLE plate carrier. However, those don't come in purple! So, I found the lightest colour that I could (tan) and dyed it, along with various pouches and a pistol belt. This involved a number of steps to remove waterproofing from the tactical gear and prepare for dye, then dying, rinsing, etc. My washing machine got a work out!

The bracers were patterned by me and made out of several thicknesses of EVA foam, with velcro closures. The shoulder pauldrons were modified from a pattern by Kamui Cosplay and also made from EVA foam. I did not include the brown straps that seem to hold these on in the artwork because that's not how this would actually work! Instead they are attached to the vest. I also made the mask from EVA foam - this is intentionally an odd pattern that isn't really wearable so that it can maintain the 'flat' profile it has in the art. I left out the visor because I'm not a fan of it!

Notable Materials: Ritmore synthetic dye, EVA foam, velcro, contact cement, acrylic paints.
Notable Tools: Dye pot, washing machine, Dremel rotary tool.

Tactical gear layout test. Tactical gear - completed. Armour - in progress. Armour - painted.

Tactical gear layout test. I did end up replacing the center pouch and the belt.

Tactical gear - completed..

Armour - in progress.

Armour - painted.