Generic Operator

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Gotham PD SWAT at New York Comic Con 2022.  Batman is Andrew Bridges.  Harley Quinn is VillainessByNight.
SHIELD agent at NEW York Comic Con 2022.  Hel is coolspot88.
Arkham Asylum guard at New York Comic Con 2022.  Harley Quinn is VillainessByNight.

The idea for this costume evolved organically and eventually became something of a statement. I think it started with a pondering of pulling together a Battlestar Gallactica Marine, and I quickly realized that if I made just one or two parts a little more generic that it could double for a SHIELD agent. As soon as I started thinking about using velcro to swap some patches the idea blossomed. I quickly realized how lazy Hollywood has been over the past several years - how many background characters could I do by changing out some patches and a couple of accessories? I currently have a dozen different patches for this costume...

Most of this is some generic black tactical gear and a few basic accessories like a helmet and gas mask - all of which were easy and inexpensive to acquire. After that, I searched a number of sources for patches and had to sew velcro onto many of them - worth it!

This costume is an easy one that lets me wander around a convention all day being everyone else's hype-man, which is so much fun! Acting like the fan-boy Gotham SWAT team member for a Batman cosplayer? Great! Standing with a bunch of Avengers and being the star-struck random SHIELD agent? Yes! Being the random Torchwood agent assisting Dr. Who? So much fun!