Elysian Stormtrooper - Warhammer 40k

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Cosplay America 2023. Photo courtesy of Downen Photography.
Fit test of the armour. 2023.

This cosplay is a call-back to the years that I was an avid miniature wargamer. The Elysian Drop Troops were one of several Imperial Guard armies that I built, painted, and played and was one of my favourite Warhammer 40k armies. This cosplay is straight out of that army: the Elysian 52nd Archangels.

There is a LOT of EVA foam here. I designed this whole suit from reference images, even recording a series of videos on how to create your own templates along the way. I also had some fun with LEDs to light the plasma rifle.

The last time I built a full set of armour was when I was doing historical recreation, so this was fun. It also reminded me of every pet peeve I have about artwork that depicts armour that simply wouldn't actually work :) I have plans to revisit this in the future, probably to add a bionic eye appliance and other fun stuff.

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