Sabito - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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KatsuCon 2023.
KatsuCon 2023.
KatsuCon 2023.
KatsuCon 2023.
Rhode Island Comic Con 2022. (I'm on the right)

Sabito is awesome! This whole show would be about him if he hadn't selflessly sacrificed himself to save others during his trial - tell me I'm wrong! Even as a ghost, Sabito's hard-knocks training was what got Tanjiro to the point that he could slice a boulder to complete his training.

I certainly looked into making the robes etc for this costume, but was unable to source fabrics with the necessary patterns. I did make the mask though! I worked out a pattern and made this from 2mm EVA foam which was then sealed and painted. I can wear it, but it limits vision so I tend to carry it most of the time. This was also my first time styling a wig!

This is a fun character, and one often overlooked, so I can find a spot in most Demon Slayer photo shoots without being a duplicate :)

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