TigerFire Servers began in 1995 as a website development service. In 2003, the name was changed to TigerFire Studios to encompass other creative endevours. Today, I still work on a variety of multimedia projects ranging from web design and software development, graphics and audio/video, as well as a plethora of more 'physical' creative projects.

Though I am not currently taking any external projects, please check back soon as this does sometimes change! In the meantime, see what I have been up to and decide if any of my skills or services can be of assistance to you.

I am a proud part of the Roll for Geekiness team!
Many of my projects are shared there, as well as video and other content.

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Elysian Stormtrooper. 2023.
Suneater. 2023.
Batou. 2022.
Game Room shelves. 2021.
'Stryfle'. 2021.